Can you hear me now?  The World Health Organization (WHO) is going to make sure that you HEAR all about it.  Puns aside, on World Hearing Day 2019, the WHO is releasing an app that will allow you to check your hearing from the comfort of your own home.  The app* will be called HearWHO and will be available on March 3rd for download FREE of charge!

It’s a known problem that many people are overexposing themselves to loud noises simply by listening to their personal music devices at unsafe levels.  If they additionally work in a job that requires them to use hearing protection, they are at an even higher risk of developing hearing loss.  By using this app you, your family, and friends, can determine if there is any loss of hearing and can seek out help and advice before that loss becomes debilitating.

Visit the WHO Website for more information.

*This app does not meet the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements for annual hearing testing for hearing conservation purposes.