Bio Steve
Bio Acoustic Response Adapter

BIO Steve


Download the setup instructions and response application for the Bio Steve.


Supported Calibrators

Tremetrics Oscar IV
Tremetrics Oscar 5
Tremetrics Oscar 6
Monitor MI-300
Quest BA-201


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Introducing Bio Steve

When AssessorSuite began supporting the GSI Amtas Flex Audiometer many of our clients started to encounter issues using human subjects for daily calibrations. Since most of these clients have bio-acoustic calibrators left over from old hearing equipment, the AssessorSuite development team saw an opportunity to solve two problems. "How to create a stable hearing source for daily calibrations" and "What to do with the old calibration equipment" EI is an environmental company first!

The Bio Steve utilizes 3D-printed headphone adapters to fit the GSI Amtas Headphones to the supported calibrators.  The response switch from the calibrator is then connected to the Bio Steve which connects to the Amtas Flex via a USB connection.  This solution does not require any kind of modification to the bio-acoustic calibrator.

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BIO Steve