Cost Effective

No subscription fees.  No licensing fees.  AudioAssessor® is a pay-as-you-go cloud based system allowing you to pay only for what you need.


Audiologist Oversight

All hearing tests are reviewed and interpreted by an experienced, certified occupational audiologist.  Audiologist telephone/email consultation available and encouraged, at no extra charge.


Simple Recordkeeping

Recordkeeping is simple with AudioAssessor®.  Easily manage your hearing conservation program by logging into your secure account at any time to schedule, monitor, and track your employee’s test results.

Meeting OSHA/MSHA Compliance

Let Assessor® help you monitor your employee’s hearing.  Our software will ensure your company is compliant with the federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) or the Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) regulations.

  • Track and store daily audiometer calibrations
  • Scheduling feature allowing you to manage annual testing requirements
  • Standard threshold shift and follow-up reporting available 24/7
  • Every audiogram is reviewed by one of our occupational audiologists serving as your program’s Professional Supervisor
  • Emailed recommendations regarding need for follow-up, referral, or work-related determinations provided at no extra cost

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Instantaneous Reporting

AudioAssessor® is second to none in maintaining and providing analysis for employee audiograms.  Test data and reporting capabilities are available to designated client personnel wherever an internet connection is available.  Assessor® will store all test results on secure severs.

  • Easy-to-understand employee and management reports
  • Create summary, threshold shift, and follow-up reports at anytime
  • Custom reporting features available

Work Relatedness Determinations

OSHA’s recordkeeping rules relating to hearing loss require that standard thresholds be assumed as work-related unless a determination of non-work related has been made by either a “physician or other licensed health care professional.”  Assessor® allows you to complete a work-relatedness determination questionnaire (WRDQ) along with your employee to be submitted directly to our audiologists.

  • Electronic submission of work-relatedness determination questionnaire
  • Experienced and educated occupational audiologists review each determination
  • No preconceived assumption of work-relatedness or non-work relatedness
  • Determinations emailed directly to your site contact(s)

Multiple Audiometer Interface

AudioAssessor® has the ability to connect with several different audiometers including new boothless options such as the GSI AMTAS Flex.  Don’t see your audiometer on the list?  Contact our support team for further information.

  • Benson CCA-200
  • Earscan ES-AM v2.1
  • Earscan ES-AM
  • GSI AMTAS Flex (boothless audiometer)
  • Monitor MI-5000 v7.0
  • Monitor MI-5000 v5.1
  • MicroLab Audiometers
  • Tremetrics RA-500
  • Tremetrics RA-300
  • Tremetrics HT Wizard

Administered Annually

As the safety admin for a large pipeline company, I need access to and ease of use for EI’s Audio Assessor on a daily basis to maintain OSHA compliance. The system is very user friendly – straight forward, intuitive and quick. I can retrieve anything I need – history, assessments, etc. - for each participating employee with a couple of keystrokes. The support for the system is exceptional – the staff responds quickly and thoughtfully. Dr. Gordon and everyone on the staff who I deal with at EI are very knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. EI is always responsive to our needs.
Patty Riley Sr. Business Performance Analyst - Safety
BHE-Gas Transmission & Storage
I have been utilizing the EI Group for over 10 Years in my position with Dominion Energy, they have provided services at multiple locations that have included Sound Level Surveys, Environmental Sampling, along with providing services for Respiratory and Audiometric Programs that include testing, records management and medical determinations when needed. The Team of Professionals at the EI Group are always quick to respond no matter the need with the priority always being customer satisfaction.
R.E. (Bobby) Cox Jr. Senior Safety Specialist
Dominion Energy Services, Inc.
"This team is super friendly, super responsive, and has supported us from system creation, to modification, to upgrades and so forth. They provide services to companies related to audiometric (hearing) testing and all that goes with it in the regulated arena (osha/msha). They are experts in the field, but have supported us in not just their area of expertise, but also in making sure that the system/platform that they provide and we integrate with is always customized or updated to make it more efficient, accurate, etc, for us."
Stephanie M. Tinney, R.N. U.S. Steel Medical Department

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