Since 1989, The EI Group, Inc. has been adapting to the needs of our diverse base of clients throughout the United States and across the globe. We’ve evolved our business model to become the single source for occupational safety and health, industrial hygiene and environmental engineering consulting and training services.

Offering excellence in EHS consulting isn’t exactly glamorous, but doing it at such a high level is nothing to shake a stick at. It’s taken a remarkable staff of professionals with a vast amount of knowledge and experience.

Throughout 2019, we’ve been celebrating 30 years in business and below are 30 ways we’ve been delivering exceptional EHS value since 1989. Are there more ways? Of course. But these will set your facility on a path towards implementing a sustainable safety culture:

  1. Occupational Exposure Monitoring (chemical stressors, noise, etc.)
  2. OSHA-Driven Plan Development (chemical hygiene, IH Sampling)
  3. Asbestos Response & Project Management
  4. Lead-Based Paint Inspections & Risks Assessments
  5. Mold Investigations & Remedial Oversight
  6. Indoor Air Quality Investigations
  7. Regularly Scheduled Regulatory Training (asbestos & lead)
  8. Awareness & Non-Regulatory Training for diverse EHS Topics
  9. Ergonomics
  10. Safety Compliance Audits/Mock OSHA Inspections
  11. Safety Training (OSHA standards, fall protection, confined space, LOTO, etc.)
  12. Targeted EHS Assessments
  13. EHS Onsite Management/Oversight
  14. EHS Program/Procedural/JSA Development
  15. Volunteer Protection Programs/Carolina Star Support
  16. Injury/Illness Recordkeeping Support
  17. Arc Flash Risk Analysis & NFPA 70e Electrical Safety Training
  18. Audiometric Training & Hearing Conservation Services
  19. OHS On-Site Screenings, Testing & Surveillance Programs
  20. OHS Data/Records Management
  21. OHS On-Site Professional Support (nurses, nurse practitioners,
    medical professionals, etc.)
  22. OHS Program/Procedural Development (including Wellness Programs)
  23. OHS Training (CPR, bloodborne pathogens, etc.)
  24. Water Quality Programs
  25. Emergency Preparedness
  26. Environmental Due Diligence
  27. Environmental Remediation
  28. Hazardous Waste Management
  29. Facilities Engineering (including industrial ventilation)
  30. Owners Representation/Program Management

If you have any questions regarding implementing any of these at your facilty or would like to learn more about our other EHS servcies, please contract one of our professionals at (800) 717-3472 today!